Biden’s Higher Prices and Low Wage Growth Hammer Working Families

Consumer Price Index (CPI) data for April, released today, reveal that overall prices have increased by 19.9 percent since January 2021. That’s an annualized inflation rate of 5.7 percent. In contrast, over the four-year period from January 2017 to January 2021, the CPI
increased by 7.7 percent, or an annual increase of 1.9 percent.

One Pager: Interoperability and Military Exercises in “Dormant NATO”

To enter a dormant NATO posture, and free up resources for the Pacific theater and US southern border, US participation in NATO military exercises must be circumscribed.

Q and A: a “Dormant NATO” Supplemental

“Dormant NATO” is increasingly being debated across the Euro-Atlantic. Accordingly, this supplemental addresses a few issues raised recently.

Policy Brief: The Great Replacement in Theory and Practice

By tying the Great Replacement Theory to white-nationalist and anti-Semitic violence, the establishment condemns any recognition of ongoing demographic transformation as racist.