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Secure Borders

Both major political parties have used America’s border as a political football designed to protect the interests of big-monied donors. 

The failure to secure our border is intentional, stemming from a deep desire among various industries to attain cheap labor at the expense of U.S. national security, safe communities, American wages, and a sensible immigration system that serves the interests of citizens. 

A secure border must be followed by a reformed immigration system that preserves tight labor markets for low-skilled workers and ensures that limited high-skilled visas fill real needs in our economy, not the wants of big tech companies or agricultural conglomerates.

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CRA Files Amicus Brief to Affirm Texas’ Authority to Repel An Invasion

CRA contends that the Constitution recognizes that the states retained their sovereign right to self-defense against invasion when they joined the union.

That's why CRA has filed an amicus brief today in the 5th Circuit that affirms Texas’ authority to repel a border invasion.