One Pager: The Risks of Tariffs Have Been Inflated

Inflation is primarily a monetary issue; a universal tariff creates a price of entry to the US market that will affect different imports and importers differently.

One Pager: What is a Tariff For?

Tariffs seek to protect national industries from foreign competitors; they are also a revenue source and a carrot and stick in foreign policy negotiations.

Primer: The Biden Administration’s Border Rule is a Farce

The IFR issued through the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is ostensibly designed to restrict asylum eligibility and mitigate the flow of illegal border crossings. A closer analysis reveals the measure to be an institutional surrender of American security and sovereignty. 

Biden’s Economy: More People NOT Working and Hiring Based on DEI

The decline in labor force participation to 62.5 percent, from 63.3 percent, represents 2.1 million fewer workers participating in the US economy than were participating prior to Covid.