Wade Miller

Vice President CRA and Executive Director CFRA

Wade Miller is a combat veteran who served in the U.S. Marine Corps as an infantryman. He has spent more than a decade working with the conservative grassroots movement, campaigns, public policy development in Washington, and on Capitol Hill.

After deploying into combat theatres three times in Iraq and the Horn of Africa, Wade became involved in the Tea Party movement at home. Wade brought his understanding of the conservative grassroots to Heritage Action for America, working as a Senior Regional Coordinator covering the South Central portion of the United States, including his home state of Texas.

Wade also served as Political Director for Senator Ted Cruz during the 2018 Senate campaign cycle. Most recently, he served as Chief of Staff to Congressman Chip Roy.

Wade lives in Virginia with his family. He is a graduate of University of Texas at Dallas.

Filter posts:

Policy Brief: The Great Replacement in Theory and Practice

By tying the Great Replacement Theory to white-nationalist and anti-Semitic violence, the establishment condemns any recognition of ongoing demographic transformation as racist.