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To renew a consensus of America as a nation under God with unique interests worthy of defending that flow from its people, institutions, and history, where individuals’ enjoyment of freedom is predicated on just laws and healthy communities.

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Motte and Bailey: Dishonest Postmodernist Strategy

Many Christianshave wondered how it is that postmodern philosophy, with all the nihilism and relativism it requires, has managed to find a home in Christian communities and churches in particular….

NATO Expansion for Finland and Sweden: A Dangerous and Unnecessary Distraction from US Interests

Policymakers in the United States should ignore the popular currents and encourage open public debates about the limits of NATO’s constantly mutating frontiers and fluid commitments. …

Primer: Biden’s Woke War on Police

Background The White House announced a new executive order on the two-year anniversary of the death of George Floyd aimed at promoting “accountable policing.”…

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