Policy Issues / Election Integrity

PRIMER: H.R. 1 and the Permanency of Systemic Voter Fraud

Summary: The deceptively named “For the People Act” would impose federal control over our elections and make systemic voter fraud permanent. H.R. 1 would consolidate power in the hands of an elite political class who would become the final arbiters over electoral processes to influence election outcomes.

Undermines Election Integrity
H.R. 1 implements policies that would permanently harm the integrity of our elections:

  • Automatically registers all individuals (including non-citizens) to be able to vote
  • Allows minors to register to vote long before they turn 18 years old
  • Forces states to expand fraud-prone vote-by-mail as a permanent feature of elections
  • Renders moot existing voter ID laws

Consolidates Power in Washington D.C.
H.R. 1 centralizes control over our elections in D.C. with the following measures:

  • Creates a new bureaucracy of federally funded poll workers to monitor and oversee voting precincts across America
  • Alters the ostensibly neutral Federal Election Commission to a partisan 3-2 composition
  • Strips voters of the ability to determine how their districts are drawn

Imposes Mandates on States
H.R. 1 strips states of their sovereignty and ability to regulate their voting processes:

  • Forces states to expand early voting windows
  • Forces states to accept absentee ballots up to 10 days after an election so long as the ballot was postmarked on Election Day
  • Forces states to implement same-day voter registration
  • Mandates that states allow felons to vote regardless of parole status once out of prison in direct violation of the 14th Amendment

Protects a Corrupt Political Class
H.R. 1 protects the entrenched political elites in Washington D.C.:

  • Provides a 600 percent federal match rate for candidates through a so-called “Freedom from Influence” Fund
  • Imposes greater regulations and restrictions on citizens and civic organizations when it comes to involvement in elections and exercising their speech
  • Forces non-profits and other civic groups to disclose their private donors