Author: CRA Staff

CRA Files Ethics Complaint Against Rep. Jamie Raskin for Violating Federal Financial Disclosure Law

The Center for Renewing America filed an ethics complaint against Rep. Jamie Raskin for violating federal financial disclosure law by not reporting his wife's income and stock portfolio.

CRA Files Amicus Brief to Affirm Texas’ Authority to Repel An Invasion

CRA contends that the Constitution recognizes that the states retained their sovereign right to self-defense against invasion when they joined the union.

That's why CRA has filed an amicus brief today in the 5th Circuit that affirms Texas’ authority to repel a border invasion.

Primer: Palestinian Culture is Prohibitive for Assimilation

Background On October 7, 2023, Hamas terrorists infiltrated Israel from the Gaza Strip and brutally…

FACT SHEET: FISA Section 702 

OVERVIEW OF FISA SECTION 702 After 9/11, the Bush Administration established a warrantless surveillance program…