Author: Michael Young

Primer: Renounce Calls for Decolonization in All Their Forms

When activists call for decolonization, they are not merely making sure that one country does not take over another country to abusively use it for resources and bleed it economically dry. In social justice discourse, decolonization means far more than that. 

Motte and Bailey: Dishonest Postmodernist Strategy

Many Christianshave wondered how it is that postmodern philosophy, with all the nihilism and relativism it requires, has managed to find a home in Christian communities and churches in particular.

UPDATED: Glossary of CRT-Related Terms

This glossary is meant to be a reference guide to help citizens evaluate materials and assess whether the activist practice of CRT is in effect.

Jesus and John Wayne among the Deplorables

Originally appeared on When Activism Masquerades as History Evangelicalism has lost its way. It’s…