Steve Friend

Fellow on Domestic Intelligence and Security Services
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Steve Friend is an opinion writer, author, and former state and federal law enforcement officer with more than a decade of experience. He worked as a patrolman and narcotics agent in Savannah, Georgia before joining the Federal Bureau of Investigation in 2014. Steve investigated violent crimes and major offenses occurring on Indian Reservations in northeast Nebraska for seven years and was also a member of the FBI Omaha SWAT team. He transferred to Daytona Beach, Florida to investigate child exploitation and human trafficking before being reassigned to investigate domestic terrorism. Steve became an FBI whistleblower in 2022 after making protected disclosures to Congress about the FBI’s questionable and manipulative investigations of January 6th protestors.

Steve is the author of “True Blue: My Journey from Beat Cop to FBI Whistleblower.” He is a 2007 graduate of the University of Notre Dame and holds a bachelor of science in accounting. Steve is a married father of two sons.

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