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Archives A Partisan, Weaponized FBI Must Be Broken Up August 18, 2022

Summary The FBI’s unprecedented raid on a former president’s residence is the most recent and stark example of the degree to which the federal…

Buttigieg’s Claim Roads are Racists Exposes Their Radical Community Reconstruction Agenda November 18, 2021

President for Center for Renewing America Russ Vought explains what Transportation Secretary Buttigieg and the Biden Admin actually means when claiming roads are “racist”–a complete political restructuring of communities….

Vought on Dems Doubling Down on CRT: “Bring it On” November 18, 2021

Center for Renewing America President Russ Vought spoke to John Roberts on Fox News about VA electoral wins over cultural issues and the need to continue to pick the fight on stopping CRT….

Vought: IRS “weaponized” against the American people November 18, 2021

Russ Vought joins Dagen McDowell on Fox Business to discuss Biden’s weaponized IRS enforcement against American citizens. …