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Archives Russ Vought on NewsmaxTV: New How-To Guide For Parents To #StopCRT June 10, 2021

New comprehensive toolkit on how to combat Critical Race Theory in communities. …

Russ Vought on Fox and Friends: New #STOPCRT Toolkit for Everyone June 9, 2021

Citizens for Renewing America has just released a comprehensive toolkit on how to stop CRT in schools….

Candeub and Morell: Florida Is Moving the Ball Forward Against Big Tech Censorship June 4, 2021

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is taking a lot of heat for the recent social media bill he signed into law….

Russ Vought: “They’re Creating Cradle To Grave Government Dependency.” June 1, 2021

Russ Vought, former OMB director, joins OAN to discuss the Biden administration’s $6 trillion infrastructure plan….